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Welcome to Sage and Shroom, your one-stop destination for comprehensive business solutions. With over a decade of expertise, I specialize in a diverse range of services designed to elevate your brand, enhance your online presence, and drive growth.

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Financial Management

Streamline your financial journey with my comprehensive accounting services. From meticulous bookkeeping to strategic financial planning, I provide the stability your business deserves.


first Impressions

Elevate your brand with custom-designed business cards that make a lasting impact. I specialize in crafting unique and memorable cards that reflect your brand identity. Let your business stand out from the crowd with every exchange.


Business Legitimacy

Embarking on your journey as a small business? Let me guide you through the process with expertise and precision. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs create LLCs, obtain EINs, and navigate the intricacies of establishing a legitimate business. From legalities to logistics, I'm here to ensure your transition into entrepreneurship is smooth and successful.


Recipe Books

Elevate your restaurant's offerings with organized, easy-to-read, and visually appealing physical recipe books. Let your creations shine in a format that's both functional and inspiring, catering to the needs of both chefs and bartenders.


Social Media

Ignite your online presence with my expert social media management. From captivating content to community engagement, I will help you connect, converse, and create on popular platforms.



Elevate your brand with custom merchandise designed just for you. I offer a range of promotional materials, from business cards and stickers to magnets, t-shirts, labels, bags, keychains, and pendants. Let your brand shine through every detail and make a lasting impression.



Nurture your customer relationships with engaging newsletters. I craft compelling weekly or monthly newsletters that keep your customers informed about new events, products, and announcements. With a curated email list, your business can stay top-of-mind and build lasting connections with your audience.



Elevate your business presence with meticulously designed brochures. I specialize in creating informative tri-folds, cardstock, and booklets that seamlessly integrate menus, business hours, mission statements, and contact details. Let your brand's story unfold in a visually captivating and engaging format.


Website Design

Empower your small business with my dynamic website design services. I specialize in crafting engaging online experiences that drive sales and deliver essential information. From captivating layouts to strategic calls-to-action, I create websites that help your business thrive. With my continuous support and updates, your website remains a powerful tool for growth.


custom graphics

Transform your ideas into captivating visuals. My designs, from logos to marketing materials, leave a lasting impact that reflects your brand's personality.


Vibrant Event Promotion

Turn your events and announcements into captivating experiences with my custom-designed posters and flyers. Whether in physical or digital form, I pour my creativity into every detail to ensure your message stands out. Let's bring your ideas to life and make a lasting impact.



Enhance your establishment's character with tailor-made menus that capture your essence. Whether for restaurants, bars, or any business, I specialize in designing menus that align with your brand. From layout to aesthetics, let your offerings shine in a personalized and engaging format.

Get a Quote

This is the first step towards shaping a successful collaboration. I'll analyze your unique needs and craft a customized plan that aligns with your objectives. Let's kickstart our journey together by laying out a strategic partnership that propels your business forward.

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